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Postal address: Brøløsvegen 13A, 3840 Seljord, Norway
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About the Seljord district

Seljord – rich in scenery and culture!
Seljord district is located halfway between east and west; 170 km from Oslo, 280 km from Haugesund and 28 km from Bø. Seljord town centre is a transport centre with express buses ensuring good communication with the outside world, e.g. Oslo, Bergen, Grenland and Torp.
The district covers a total area of 711 km² and has a population of just under 3000.

Industry and commerce:

Seljord is the trade centre of the Western Telemark region. However, there is still plenty of room for new enterprises and employment, in the town centre and other industrial areas. The municipality has a business fund, and employers are eligible for reduced employer levies. The goal of working with businesses and enterprises is to further the development of Seljord as a regional trade, service and production centre. The purpose is also to create good conditions for new and established enterprises and to ensure profitable agriculture through development of subsidiary income in conjunction with sustainable use of natural resources.

Living conditions, growing up, education and leisure activities:

Seljord represents ‘the nice place to live’ with plenty of sections in all price categories and sizes; from NOK 10.000 – 150.000, from ¼ - 2 acres. There are attractive housing development areas with plenty of space, local businesses and playgrounds, tramping tracks and forests. Sejord district provides a safe place to grow up, guaranteed kindergarten place, a private primary school in Åmotsdal, a primary school in Flatdal, and primary school, middle school, secondary school and a community college in Seljord town centre.
A variety of clubs and organisations cater for most aspects of cultural activities, all year round.
In addition to many local community halls, Seljord has the regional cultural centre for Western Telemark at “Granvin Kulturhus”. This is a centre for concerts, theatre, cinema and sports. Seljord has excellent facilities for physical activities. There is a sports centre and swimming pool, and a training center, Sterk-Nils, and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy beaches, sheltered lowlands and tramping in forests or mountains.

An art society, art gallery, art centre, art museum, painting club and craft shops with annual exhibitions and other cultural activities attract many tourists to Seljord.

The “Dyrsku” show, first started in 1866, attracts many visitors every September. Over 70 000 people visit the Dyrsku show over the three days. The arena is also a venue for the biggest Scandinavian country music festival, dance band festival, accordion festival, camps and gatherings and much more...


Many painters and other artists have found motives and inspiration in Seljord.
The district has inherited one of the richest and most lively traditions within folk music and art. Much of what is deemed Norway’s cultural heritage comes from Seljord, for example fairytales, fables and folklore.

The Sea Monster has a central part in Seljord’s cultural history, with written accounts of the Sea Monster dating back to the 1700s. Many “sane” and reliable people have seen something inexplicable. There is also built a Sea Monster Tower by the lake.

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Information about reduced nursery school /Kindergarten fees


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